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Pay Per Feature PR

The "what, when, how and where"... answered!

If you are on this page you have probably seen one of our adverts on Facebook or Linkedin, or have seen Rafael's posts or videos, so you want to be in the media, we get it! We love that too!

So, let's get down to business and explain how it works. It's not rocket science, there is no catch and you certainly can believe what you are reading - you only pay after you see your interview published online, in print, on radio or tv.

First things first - what is a feature?

A "feature" is a comment (from two lines to a paragraph), an article that was written by you, an interview with you (online, print or on-air), a two-page spread, a 2min interview on TV, a 5 min interview on the radio and so on You get the idea, right?

how do we guarantee that you will be featured?

WE DON'T. Strictly speaking we can't guarantee you will be featured or we would be lying to you. We will use our contacts, emails, phones, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (you get the idea) to chat to journalists and convince them to feature you, but we will never guarantee you will be featured. But we guarantee to refund you if you don't get featured in 120 days after you have paid the deposit. 


You are not paying the publication to feature you.
You are paying GuidedPR to provide you PR services, which means, you're paying for our expertise, our time, our contacts and so on. We don't pay the publications to feature your story. We want to make this very clear!

rafael dos santos PR British Newspapers.
rafael dos santos PR British Newspapers.

£250 + VAT

British publications are credible and influential and they will add credibility to your profile. We will pitch your profile to these publications:Metro, The Sun, MailOnline, Evening Standard, Express, The Independent, Daily Star, Pink News, The Scottish Sun, The Daily Record, Telegraph, Seventeen, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Heat Magazine, Prima, Grazia, Guardian, Happiful, Heart.co.uk (radio). You pay once your article/comment/press release is published. If you'd like to be featured in one of these publications, please pay a deposit and fill the form below.

£100 + VAT



£350 + VAT

International publications are even more credible and influential and they will add even credibility to your profile. We will pitch your profile to these publications:​Forbes, Tatler, Vogue, BBC Radio, The Times, Hello Magazine, Marie Claire, House Beautiful, House & Garden, Men’s Health, Vice, Women's Health, Glamour Magazine, TimeOut, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Elle, Real Homes, Esquire, MSN, Business Insider, OK Magazine. If you'd like to be featured in one of these publications, please click on Pay Deposit to get in contact with us.

By making the payment you confirm you are happy with the TCs. below.  

£100 + VAT


By making the payment you confirm you are happy with the TCs. below.  

bbc logos.jpg

£100 + VAT


By making the payment you confirm you are happy with the TCs. below.  

£500 + VAT

The BBC is the most trusted TV channel in the world. The BBC brand carries a lot of weight, respect, credibility and influence. The fee is payable if you are on air for 30 seconds or 24 hours to any of the BBC TV Channels: BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, as well as BBC World or any other BBC channel around the world. If you'd like to be pitched to any of the BBC TV programmes, please pay a deposit and fill the form below.

£100 + VAT


By making the payment you confirm you are happy with the TCs. below.  



bbc logos.jpg

£400 + VAT

Millions of viewers and the option to watch you again and again on demand, TV is the best way to get seen by millions of people. We will pitch your profile to these TV channels:  Channel 4, Channel 5  and ITV. You could be invited as an expert to appear on any of their programmes. The fee is payable if you are on air for 30 seconds or 24 hours. 

​If you'd like to be pitched to TV programmes, please pay a deposit and fill out the form below.

Yellow Tier: British newspapers and magazines

Green Tier: International  newspapers and magazines

Purple Tier: British TV Channels

Red Tier: BBC TV Channels 

british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png
british tv. no bbc.png

If you are interested in our services, please send us a message and we will send you an invoice for the deposit. For deposits, we only accept bank transfers. 

British Media - PPF PR Form

Thanks for submitting!


The boring bits

The "Terms and Conditions"

(Please read them, we're quite fun to read)

Not magic –  you understand that even though we are Pay Per Results, we generate published articles just like other PR agencies – it’s the way we charge that’s different. This means we are not an ‘article ordering service’ and (unfortunately) you can’t simply rub a magic lamp and ask, “GuidedPR, I wish to be on the Vogue cover for £250(+vat)”. We’ll tailor our PR efforts to get the results you’re looking for – we can’t do any more than that. So you can’t say I want to be in Vogue or I won’t pay - it does not work quite like that.  

No guarantees – you understand that we don’t guarantee press (we simply can’t)!

Be patient – you understand that PR can be a slow burn (sometimes we can get press for you in minutes (literally), whereas other times it could take months. Tv and Radio can take between 2 and 6 months, so PLEASE, be patient. Either way, we’ll be sure to give you a steer as to how long you should expect to wait, but usually it’s weeks (we’re pretty awesome!). If we realise we CAN'T publish you or guarantee a TV interview, we refund you! 

Bigger picture – you understand that PR should be part of a wider marketing strategy and that it won’t transform your business overnight. That’s reality. You need a lot (A LOT) of coverage to get people’s attention, trust and loyalty. PR for entrepreneurs and small business is used in combination with marketing campaigns, SEO, etc not a strategy to get your rich overnight (Sorry - but true!). So if you think you will become the next Oprah because you were featured on Forbes or Vogue once, sorry it won’t happen. 
But if you understand that combining your feature with a Facebook campaign or a Linkedin campaign can bring you more results, because media gives you credibility, then, we’re on the same page. 

Caps – you understand we set a ‘cap’ of £1500(+vat) on each press release, comment piece, or line-up/review. That means that even if you get 50 articles from one press release – you’ll only pay a maximum of £1500. It’s rare, but the cap is there to protect you in case the media goes wild for you. Please note: the cap is not valid for TV or radio interviews. you do have to pay individually for each of the interviews secured. Only printed / online press releases that contain the same content/text is capped to £1500+vat. 

Knowing how we charge – you understand how we charge (our tiered fee system is below). We charge per article (that means double bubble if an article is online and print) and the fee is the same whether it’s one-line or a double-page spread in a newspaper. If a publication repeatedly features you or another journalist or publication features you then we charge per article (it’s rare, but we like to be transparent). Equally, if you gain press from a journalist contacting you from our efforts, those articles are also chargeable. Remember, you have the cap to keep things sensible. We have all the work in writing the release and sending it to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of journalists, editors and producers. I am sure you understand that we expect to be paid if the same press release is covered by several publications - it’s because we have the contacts and spend hours (hundreds of them) on the phone, speaking to these professionals to convince them to publish you.

Boo boos – you understand that mistakes can happen that are out of our control. If a publication makes a mistake with your name in a print article, we’ll ask them to rectify the mistake (that’s not fair on you). The same applies for an online article - we need time to fix it. For other mistakes, we’ll try and get them fixed but we can’t make guarantees and the article is still chargeable.

The last word – you understand that the publication/journalist/editor has the ultimate say as to what makes the final cut for a published article – we can make requests (such as backlinks and specific imagery), but ultimately, we are not the publishers therefore if your article is published but your link is not added, you still have to pay for the article, even without the backlinks. 

Letting us down – you understand that if you commit to comment, interview or review opportunity and don’t follow through, we’ll charge you a fee of £250 + vat (as we’ll have an upset journalist buddy to try and placate). We’ll consider this a rule break and may choose NOT to represent you anymore. Yes, we will fire you as a client. You need to understand that is A LOT OF work to get your opportunity so if you commit and don’t follow through is bad on US (GuidedPR) and the journalist might not publish ANY of the clients anymore. So, we take commitment very seriously, as you can see. 
Leaving us – you understand that you can leave our partnership at any time after the first month, simply by giving 30 days’ notice to us. During this notice period, you’re under no obligation to undertake any PR work – just let us know what you prefer.

Security – you understand we take a £100 + VAT security deposit per service you sign up for. This deposit stays on your account unless you get featured and use it against the total amount to be paid per feature. In case you change your mind and you no longer want to be featured in the media, you will not be refunded the deposit if we have already written your press release and started pitching your profile to the media.

We’re jealous – you understand that you can’t work with another PR agency whilst you’re in our partnership. We’ll consider this a rule break and may choose NOT to represent you anymore. If you have worked with an agency historically, we’ll need to be made aware of any pending articles and/or ongoing journalist conversations, so we can discount from these also. You need to be open and honest, so you don’t get charged by us for a relationship you already built with a publication. 

Backlinks – backlinks are delicious – they aid SEO in a big way (and that’s why some SEO companies charge thousands for just a single link). If you tell us you want backlinks, we’ll work away at getting as many online pieces for you as we can (and ask journalists for backlinks, both before the article is published and afterwards if a backlink wasn’t included). However, we can’t guarantee backlinks for you (most journalists can’t guarantee them either as it’s the Editor’s final sign-off). But the good news is we usually do get backlinks and on the rare times you don’t get one (looking at your articles from us as a whole) you’d still have plenty of online articles with links for your buck!
Keep us informed – you understand that you have to tell us in advance of all PR efforts that you are doing yourself, so we can discount them from our own efforts. If you don’t tell us, we’ll consider this a rule break and may choose NOT to represent you anymore. 

Time frames – you understand that press releases may take up to 5 working days to write up – from the day you approve the idea to the day that we send you a first draft to check over. This excludes press releases with topical content which are usually sent out within hours. Edits typically take 1-2 working days to be done. Typically, we’ll send out a non-time-sensitive press release within 2 weeks (depending on scheduling and press appetite) – something it’s much quicker (hours) and other times, a little longer. 

Too many cooks… – you understand that we need one point of contact, and so we don’t do group/conference calls. We’d love to chat with several of you, but it isn’t conducive to getting you PR and that’s what we’re here for. Less chat, more press and ONLY ONE person in charge.

Delivering our Services
Unlike your typical marketing or PR agency we aren’t responsible for your strategy, reputation or branding (and we don’t pretend to). Our pick ‘n’ mix marketing services are results-focused and low fee and do what they say on the tin - you pay per feature. That being said, we are always happy to give a steer / advice, without any liability involved.
For recurring services, if we aren’t able to start or complete your service(s) within the month period due to your actions (or lack thereof) those services are still chargeable (and it’s up to us if we move these services (if we can) into succeeding months).

To keep our focus on results rather than chatting the day away, we ask that if you want to talk to us on the phone that you request a call via email rather than calling. That way we can give you the time and attention you deserve.

Paying us
Invoices are payable via debit or credit card and processed via Stripe. We can accept bank transfers but prepare card payments for ease.
VAT is chargeable ON TOP of the amount advertised.
If an invoice is unpaid by the due date then we will put your services on hold until the balance is paid. For recurring services, this holding period will still be billed as usual (sorry!)
If a balance remains unpaid for 14 days or more then the contract can be terminated by us, deposits and budgets forgoed (although these may be credited against any additional fees you owe us), and we are then not obliged to do any more work for you or to send over anything to you (even from past months) (sorry!). Any additional fees will still be chargeable. If the amount you owe us is over £250+VAT we will use a debt collecting agency called Daniels’ Silverman. They will charge up to 30% on top of the amount owed to us to recover the debt. You don’t want the headache and we don’t want to waste our energy and time on this but we need to pay our bills so we enforce debt recovery if needed. 
You will have to cover the costs incurred by us to recover any overdue balance.
If you do not reply for 30 days or more we may class you as an ‘inactive client’ and put your account on hold. We will do this without notice (but will have no doubt chased you quite a bit before this point). If you wish for your account to be taken off hold then any outstanding fees must be cleared first. If you wish to leave us after your account has gone on hold then you will forgo any deposit and/or social media budget, we have on file for you, although these can be credited against any additional fees you owe us.
If you break our T’s & C’s, you forgo any deposit, social media budget or recurring service fees we hold for you/you have paid. Additional fees may still be chargeable.

Final boring bits

All content produced (including graphic design, written copy, photography and videography) remains our property until fully paid.
We may use your branding, and any images, graphics or analytics relating to you for our own use, including (but not limited to) press releases, social media, case studies and the GuidedPR websites.
We’ll add you to our client newsletter and general newsletter to keep you updated – you can unsubscribe at any time (but bear in mind that our client newsletter is how we keep you updated/talk to you). It might also be worth checking out our tips for working with us and FAQs.

The last bits...

Services are provided by GuidePR Ltd (Company No. 12684396).
By working with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the T’s and C’s / descriptions of the individual services you’ve signed up for (including our PPF PR). We consider the information on these pages to constitute as part of our T’s and C’s and our contract. 
Our T’s and C’s can change at any point. You will be notified when that happens. 
We cannot guarantee sales or exposure for you (although we wish we could!).
We can cancel your contract with us at any time (if we feel it isn’t working) and stop any work we are doing for you. We’ll then return any deposit held and/or pro-rated recurring fees (if our T’s & C’s haven’t been broken) in accordance to your service’s notice period.
You agree to be lovely and friendly to work with (we only want nice clients)!
You acknowledge that you know we’ll work our little socks off for you (even if it seems nothing is happening) and that you know we are experts at what we do.
You agree that you understand our way of working (our processes, our software, our low account management etc) and will follow it.
Once your contract has ended with us (once the required notice is given), your deposit will be refunded to the card you paid on, minus any fees owing. It can take 5-10 days for the money to appear on your account (depending on your bank/card provider). If you have paid your deposit via bank transfer, you’ll need to provide your bank details to us when you give us your notice so we can return it to you (please allow 5 days for this bank payment to be processed).


Your Benefits  



Become more visible by sharing your story and use the media appearance to raise your profile. The more visible you are, the more credible and trustworthy you become in their eyes. 



Establish your credibility with the readers, followers and contacts. Become the authority in your field by being featured in the media. Raise your profile above all your competitors and become the "go-to" expert in your industry. 



The more readers and followers see you online, the more they trust you. Build trust with people even when you're not in the room by sharing your expertise and getting published in several media channels.



Visibility and credibility attract opportunities to you personally and to your business. You will get more invitations to do public speaking, participate in expert panels, contribute to books and even give more interviews on other media channels.



Have you ever Googled someone after you had a meeting with them? If you're human, you sure did! If I asked you now: if I Googled you, what would I find? The search results should be several articles and a magazine cover with your story and expertise. This is what Public Relations is all about; it's about influencing people's opinions and decisions, and in this case, we want to influence their decision to buy your products or services. 



Media coverage gives you incredible visibility, credibility and high power brand recognition. Be more visible, more credible and more influential by being featured in the media. 



We're very proud of our 200 clients. The clients below stand out because they all had over 10 features, they provided good content to the journalists and now when you Google them, they take over the 1st page of Google! Go on, try! Search for their names and you will see the results. They all take the first page of Google with photos, articles, magazine covers and videos. Our clients are more visible, more credible and more influential. We want to congratulate our Naeem and Tejas, who became Forbes contributors too and raised their profile even more.  








tejas dave.png














rafael dos santos1.jpg

an article in a newspaper changed my life

Hi, I'm Rafael from Brazil. I'm a Marketing and PR expert and I will share how one article changed my life. In 2016, I was invited by a journalist from the Guardian to write an article about "being a migrant entrepreneur". 2016 was the sad year when Syrians were fleeing their country and migration became a hot topic in the media as it was a very divisive debate. To bring a positive spin to a negative story, I shared my life story, including the ups and downs but focusing on contributions that migrant entrepreneurs provide to the hosting countries. The article was titled "What It Takes

To Be A Migrant Entrepreneur" and it was a success. It got shared a few 

hundred times. I used the article to share my expertise and life story.

You can read the article hereI was not prepared for what was coming.

A team member from TED Talks read my article and found my personal

website (if you don't have a website with your name, you should get

one - it helps ifyou want to be found on Google!).  They invited me to

turn my article into a TED Talk. My TEDx Talk today has been

watched over 157k times and since then I have been on the cover of

three magazines. 


Since then...

I have been invited to speak at hundreds of events, including the World Entrepreneurship Forum in China where I gave a talk to 1000 Chinese business people in 2016. I chaired the First Congress for Brazilian Entrepreneurs living abroad, where I was invited by the Brazilian President to attend. The article in The Guardian led to the TEDx Talk, which led to several hundreds of opportunities, including being on the cover of two magazines and being featured in over 150 media channels around the world, including the BBC, FT, Daily Mail, Channel 5 and more.


To date, I have been on the cover of three magazines, so I know the opportunities that a cover story can attract. As well as the visibility and credibility, it attracts financial rewards (paid to speak in events, easier to get more clients, offers of partnerships, etc). You just need to make sure you strategically use your media appearances to get more clients and expand your network.


Below are the cover stories about my personal journey as a successful entrepreneur. 

Global man magazine.jpg
cover 3.jpg




Credibility and influence are the business owner's superpowers.

Think of all the famous business people you know: Richard Branson, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis, Lord Sugar and the list goes on. 
Why do you know them? 
Because they are in the media all the time, you see them on tv, listen to their interviews on the radio,  see them on the internet, read their articles and the list goes on. They are visible. 
They have opportunities knocking on their doors daily. 
The more visible you are, the more people think of you as a successful business person, and people want to do business with successful people. Don't you?
I certainly do, and that's why I decided to share with you some of the incredible opportunities that happened to me since I decided to invest my time and money in PR. 
Some of the incredible opportunities I have said YES to: 

TV china.jpg
tv interview2.jpg

TV Interview in China

TV Interview in London

Public Speaking in China (1000 people)

Share Radio Interview

croydon radio.jpg
Business show.jpg
simon cowel.jpg

Croydon Radio Interview

Public Speaking in London (300 people)

Public Speaking at Google HQ

Meeting with Simon Cowell

richar dtan.jpg
Robin sharma.jpg
vanessa .jpg
channel 5.jpg

I interviewed

Richard Tan

I interviewed

Robin Sharma 

I was interviewed by Vaness Feltz - BBC

I shared the stage

with Dragons Den

Rachel Elnaugh 

I took part in the Wright Stuff Show

Channel 5 UK

Sunday times.jpg
mary buffet.jpg

Winning the Award The Sunday Times List

"Top 100 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs

In The UK"  

I won an award for my TEDx Talk

"What It Takes To Be

A Migrant Entrepreneur" 

I interviewed 

Mary Buffett

bbc interview.jpg

BBC Radio Interview

Business Breakfast with Mike Pence
Vice President of the USA

Private pitch with Dragons Den
Theo Pathitis

I was invited three times for BBC Radio interviews

You get the idea, right?

I never sat around and waited for the opportunity to come. I make sure I go out there, and I look for the opportunity myself. If I am featured in a magazine, I share with my database, and I include a "call to action" such as an invite to a webinar, a video call, etc. 

When you get featured in the media, it's only half of the work done. Once the article is out, you have to "milk it" (urban dictionary: take full advantage of a situation). Yeah, you do. And how you take advantage of the media exposure is what I do with you in this campaign, for you.

Now, are you ready to get yourself more visible, more credible and more influential? 

If you are, choose one of the plans below, choose a way to pay (upfront or instalments) and let's get those contacts coming and turning them into clients!