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Green House Media: The Design Gurus.

I always say that Technology creates ideas, Art creates questions and Design takes them both to create a solution. ~ Nicole Weatherby, Boss Lady - Green House Media 👍👍

A sample of their work:

Indisputably, there aren't many people who understand the fundamentals of design, including, for instance: the Golden Ratio, the 7 elements of design and the 11 types of designers there are in putting together a client's desired design.

At Green House Media however, you'll meet the best 💯😎there is in this field. Owner and senior designer, Nicole Weatherby, has a Masters in Media Art from Manchester Metropolitan University. She has gone from basic multimedia, visual arts and 3D animation, to exhibiting artwork in South Africa, Berlin and UK and creating augmented realities. As such, Green House Media boasts a variety of strengths. It is a company specialising in WordPress, art and illustration, and graphic design.

More samples of their work:

Websites Logos

Some helpful tips from the senior designer of Green House Media, Nicole Weatherby:

How should a business owner go about finding the right ✅✅designer for their company’s needs?

Well, start by defining what you are trying to achieve. Do you need a complex, highly interactive website or mobile application developed, or do you need a website with basic functionality that has a fantastic look and easy-to-follow flow? Think about the kind of assets you will need, such as images and videos for a website; or perhaps you want to develop animated infographics to be used as digital marketing assets, combining images, charts, text, graphs, and other elements. Once you're sure about what you want, you will be able to identify one or two designers that could be right for the job and eliminate those that are not the right fit. For instance, you would not use a web designer to create motion infographics.

So, what is the importance of Graphic Design for any company?

Most people feel they can do the design themselves or say they do not have the 💲❎money for a designer. Notably however, design is one of the most important factors to look into when building a brand. If you don't put time, effort and even money into this, it may result in an unsuccessful business. The design is what will set you apart from your competition and help you garner the desired emotion 😍🥰 or feeling from customers. Your logo and brand are the first things your prospective clients and customers see, so a proper design is an investment for your company.

How can a business owner determine good design🔥🔥?

Good design is so much more than creating a good-looking product. It is about creating a positive experience for users at every touch point and with every interaction. Design influences what we think, the way we feel and the decisions we make. And when it is exceptionally well-done, good design is virtually invisible.

More samples of their work:

Ad/Web banners/Social media illustrations

Why Work With Green House Media?

Many agencies outsource their graphic design work to Green House Media because:

✳️They provide a fresh perspective. They are able to provide a different idea of graphic design and often develop designs that are really cool and unique, which their clients wouldn’t have received from designers elsewhere.

✳️Another benefit is that working with Green House Media gives you a large saving on costs. In the USA and the UK, it can be incredibly expensive to hire a graphic designer. However, by outsourcing your work to them, in South Africa, you can get high quality work at a potentially more reasonable price. This is partly because the exchange rates are favourable to you. You can thus save money and still get the standard of design you are expecting.

✳️A third benefit of outsourcing to Green House Media from the UK and the USA is that there is no language barrier! They will be able to completely understand what your requirements are, and work together with you to get the perfect design. So not only is there potential to reduce your costs and get a more unique design, but you can also be certain that they’ll be able to communicate with you effectively to get exactly what you want.

Therefore, if you are seeking solutions to your brand's design needs? Look no further. Green House Media has got you covered. Contact them today!

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