From Royal Navy to Sustainable Diamonds, meet our client Phil Spencer

Updated: Feb 25

Fancy some exquisite, handmade and bespoke jewellery? Maybe for that red carpet event, anniversary dinner, as a gift for that special someone or are you planning to pop💍the question? ♥♥♥ If you answered yes, I know you want to be spoilt for choice. Look no further. London DE, in the heart of London's Hatton Garden, has got you covered! 👌 You can indulge in their collection of diamonds and coloured gemstones that includes rubies, sapphires and even the rare but precious Brazilian Paraíba tourmaline. And you know what, with increasing accolades and a steady raising of funds, plans are underway to expand this collection. How amazing! 🥳

Meet Phil Spencer - The Founder 🎯

Ladies and Gentlemen, Phil Spencer, mastermind behind the multiple award-winning, London DE is an ethical jeweller, keen on social good and building a sustainable jewellery business.👏👏👏In 2013, banking on his entrepreneurial spirit, passion for jewellery and a strong business case for ethical jewellery, he birthed London DE. This leap of faith has brought him much fulfillment and continues to put a smile 😊 on his face and that of his clients. But his career path hasn't always gleamed as is now. After university, Phil served as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Navy, but felt uninspired so he ventured into the financial services sector. Still, he felt unsettled. However, London DE is now home as has been for the last seven years and counting.

👀 Eye-catching Facts About London DE

🏅 They are part of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) - Sustainability is a core

principle of the business

🏅 Over the past 7 years, they have won multiple business and industry awards

🏅 In 2019, they were finalists in the Retail Jeweller Awards - Ethical Jewellery Brand of the

Year category

🏅 They have been featured in several publications including - British GQ, Authority

Magazine, Abod2, Life and Tatler

Sustainability is the Heartbeat of LondonDE

The integrity of their products is guaranteed as they use a fair-trade approach. They also go directly to source, seeking to ensure that the entire length of their supply line abides by stipulated ethics. Their gemstones are sourced from Colombia and South East Asia, from mines that have sufficiently high environmental standards and labour relations - whose human resource is well taken care of. Directly overseeing their mine-to-market approach, ensures that everyone involved in the process is paid fairly and that the gems are conflict free!

Quality Guaranteed

The bespoke pieces are then hand-crafted in London's Hatton Garden, thus each and every creation is quality assured.👍 And that's not all! All their stones are certified with some of the world’s leading gem labs,🕵 such as the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), CD TEC Colombia, Gübelin Gemmological Laboratory and SSEF Switzerland as well as with standards setters, such as the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ), created in the UK as a hallmark for quality British jewellery.🤜🤛

Dear Investor 🤑

London DE is currently fundraising via both debt and equity.

Get In touch! 📞

For more information on how to invest, or to enquire about finding your perfect bespoke creation, visit or contact them via telephone (+44 207 859 4754) or email (

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