5 Ways to Effectively Use Video On Your Social Media Channels

As we know, video marketing has become one of the most effective tools to communicate and attract audiences through social media channels. It is possible that you are asking yourself:

What does video marketing mean?

According to Hubspot, “video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium”.

Why is video is an effective tool to promote my business on social media?

The digital marketing institute affirms that video marketing is the favourite type of content of consumers because it is entertaining, engaging, and easy to understand in less time compared to another type of content like images or text. Furthermore, marketers like it because video marketing gives a huge return on investment (ROI) through different channels.

Forbes presents us with 5 main reasons to use video marketing as part of your marketing strategy:

🖥️Video content promotes brand recall

A HubSpot research affirms that 80% of customers remember a video they’ve watched last month, meaning the video has a huge impact on the consumer’s memory.

🎥Video marketing could support your SEO growth

The previous research also reports that 39% of decision-makers contact a vendor after viewing a branded video. This could be significant to your SEO improvement, by adding video content to your landing pages, website, and content offers!

🖥️Video content performs effectively on all devices 

This expands the video’s reach and makes it user-friendly and consumer-focused.

🎥Video marketing is the ideal tool to strengthen your brand identity

Make sure that your customers know who you are.

🖥️Video content as the most shareable type of content

HubSpot research affirms roughly 92% of people who consume mobile videos share them with other people.

How can you effectively use video marketing on your social media channel?

1. Facebook

Facebook is a form of social media with more than 1.4 billion people using it every single day, more than once a day. This social media has been characterized by its users to connect with their family, friends, and favourite brands.

If you want your business to have a presence on social media, Facebook is probably one of the first or the first social media platform, you think of.

Why not communicate through video with our customers?

According to research made by Buffer, video posts on Facebook acquire at least 59% more engagement than other types of content. The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Facebook

Engagement gives us some tips to optimize video marketing on Facebook, which are to:

Source: buffer

🎥Keep your video short and fresh

Facebook affirms that videos less than 2 minutes are more effective than those with long stories. A Hubspot research affirms "videos under 90 seconds see an average retention rate of 53% but videos over 30 min retain only 10%"Hubspot. So use just the core message of your brand to gain recall!

If you would like to see a great example of an award-winning video for an insurance company which is still going viral on Facebook, click here.

🎬Grab attention in 00:03 seconds

You only have a few seconds to attract someone's attention. If your video is boring or takes time to load, there will be more opportunities for people to click on the stop button. Use curiosity as a tactic to build up the suspense! For example, by starting your video with a question to the audience.

2. Instagram

This social media network has over 400 million users. When most people think of Instagram, they associate their first thoughts of the platform with images. However, it is becoming more reliant on video marketing as well.

How can you be successful with video marketing on Instagram?

Video marketing on Instagram can give us an opportunity to increase our audience, attract more people to our website, and get more conversions through a digital platform.

Don't forget! Creativity and content behind-the-scenes is also required to spread your idea faster.

What is content behind-the-scenes?