5 Media Monitoring Tools For Tech Entrepreneurs

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

In this modernising world, digitalisation is widely increasing; which is parallel to the growing importance of online and social media presence. The 21st century which we live in is laden with technological evolutions, easing a business’ operations in terms of PR, sales, marketing, and visibility considerably. 🙂🙂

What is Social Media Monitoring? ❓❓

Social Media Monitoring is the process of listening to and analyzing reviews, questions and conversations that your audience have to say about you, your competitors and the market in general, through your social media channels.

When businesses go online, they are bombarded with countless queries, reviews, likes, dislikes, comments, mentions, and hashtags...this huge data intake makes the job business owners have - to read and listen to feedback - very difficult. 😵😵

This is where Social Media Monitoring Tools come into action. They help to

record quality audience data, enable businesses to take respective actions based on information collected - and save a lot of time by carefully analyzing data from all the social media accounts.

Businesses use social media monitoring tools to sort out relevant social mentions, track keywords, hashtags, and URLs, all of which could boost customer satisfaction.

👂👂 The benefits of being able to listen to your customers' minds are limitless. While social media monitoring is not exactly about reading people’s minds, it is as close as anyone can get.

This blog is about various tools available in the market to help listen to your audience effectively.


👍 Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tool with the latest features; making your social media accounts super easy to manage. This tool acts as a sniper for your business – allowing you to see all the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

1️⃣ With Hootsuite, you can keep track of what people are saying through mentions of your brand, product, service or industry, and allows you to track conversations based on keywords, hashtags, locations and specific users.

2️⃣ If there are multiple employees handling your social media platforms, Hootsuite helps you to share information among its handlers and if any posts need replying to, it delegates tasks like reviewing, replying, answering questions etc. to each employee.

3️⃣ This tool also facilitates the scheduling of your social media posts. It supports almost every social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs, WordPress and Foursquare.

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Hootsuite is popular for its knowledgeable and customer-friendly staff. The basic account is free. However, the pro and business account will cost you $5.99 and $499 respectively.

Google Alerts

🤜 Google Alerts is the simplest media monitoring tool and is highly recommended if you are a novice in the monitoring sector.

✅ It lets you monitor the entire web for the mention of your company, fellow competitors, your products and any other relevant information you wish to search for. You can have regular information updates emailed to you daily, weekly or whenever a new result appears.

❌ This tool is absolutely free but is limited to sources that only Google tracks. Therefore, there can be limited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media results.

All you need to do is sign-in to your Google account. Go to Alerts, and type a word in the search box to see your company mentions. Just like this, you can set up alerts for up to 1000 keywords in specific regions and languages.

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💁‍♂️ Keyhole is another popular social media monitoring tool used by major brands like Alibaba, Google, H&M, L’Oréal, and Mashable.

✔️ The tool provides more than just tracking keywords, mentions and hashtags. It also provides trends, insights, analysis, and brand health, based on ongoing conversations about your brand. Keyhole is best suited to know what is going in your customers’ minds.

✔️ The tool supports platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, news and various blogs.

Keyhole is a paid tool and the prices start from $59/mo for a basic account to $999/mo for advanced management and analytics features. There is an intermediate option of $199/mo for mid-sized organisations.