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August 2020

Why is it called "The Peacock Challenge"?

At GuidedPR, we compare business owners and entrepreneurs to owls: highly skilled,  very intelligent but hard to find. We want to turn the owls into peacocks: highly visible and proud of its feathers. The "feathers" of your peacock tail are each achievement you got in your business career: a contract with a big brand, an award, the number of years of experience in the industry, the number of accreditations and certificates in your field and the list goes on. What could be missing in your tail is: features in magazines and newspapers to give you more visibility and consequently credibility. The more credibility you have, the easier it is to win business. 

It's time to become a...


More visible, more credible and more influential!


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Learn how to write expert comments to send to journalists, how to write blog posts, Linkedin articles, create videos and much more! 

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All our clients who were featured in the media show up on the first page of Google - the power of PR!

What happens if I Google you?

We combine Marketing, PR and Sales


More Visible

By doing Content Marketing and Social Media, we help you become more visible.

More Credible

By introducing you to journalists, you get featured in the media and become more credible. 

More Influential

Use your visibility and credibility to generate thousands of new leads on Linkedin. 


An article published in the media can change your life. I wrote an article for the Guardian entitled "What It Takes To Be A Migrant Entrepreneur", it was read by someone at the TEDx Team and I was invited to turn my article into a TEDx Talk. My talk has been watched over 157.000 times. My advice to you: invest in PR; share your expertise online and the opportunities will come your way".

Rafael dos Santos

Founder of
Winner of seven business awards, including

Sunday Times List "Top 100 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs in the UK"  




you ready to become




What's the Peacock Challenge,

I hear you ask!

The challenge is: a webinar of 60mins every day for 5 days. Each day you will learn a PR technique to raise your profile and you will have "challenge" to complete - with results straight away!

Those who complete the challenge will have the opportunity

to win a prize. 

Will you take the challenge?

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You will have the chance to win prizes every day, 

including a professionally edited video and

a published interview in a magazine.




Shall we connect?

Founder & CEO -


Rafael dos Santos, MBA

I'm Brazilian by birth and British by choice. I ❤️ PR!

Why? 'Coz it gives business owners the feeling of PRIDE - and the more proud you feel in your business, the more successful you become.

I love it so much that I managed to get over 650 features in the media - 100 (and counting) me and 550 (and counting too!) for my clients . Features in Forbes, The Daily Mail, The Sun, FT, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Virgin TV, BBC Radio 5, and the list goes on here.

I've won seven awards so far, including the Sunday Times   'Top 100 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs in the UK' and an award for my TEDx Talk 'What It Takes To Be A Migrant Entrepreneur'. I have 14 years of experience running businesses in the UK, USA and The Netherlands. I also have 7500 connections on Linkedin!
I've had the pleasure of having dinner with The Queen - not bad for a Brazilian, huh? Ah, I also have several courses in comms, PR, digital marketing, and an MBA from Henley Business School.  
Clients call me "King of Peacocks"  👑 🦚

Some of the publications where Rafael and his clients have been featured in.

You can see more than 500 media appearances for GuidedPR's clients here.  

Emma Sheppard

 Freelancer Journalist & Editor 

A journalist with extensive experience in the publishing industry, Emma is passionate about current affairs, and the travel, lifestyle, and business sectors. Resourceful, trustworthy, and highly organized, her priority will always be getting to the heart of the story.  Emma has written for some of the world's most famous media outlets, including: 
Wired, The BBC, inews, Stylist, Drapers, Third Sector Magazine, Civil Service World, Red Bull Adventure, Marie Claire, I Am New Generation Magazine, TravelSuper magazine, The Early Hour, LoveIt! Magazine, Say Yes to Adventure Magazine


Guest Speaker

  "Ask the Journalist". 

Emma's webinar will be recorded and published on the new Rafael's podcast "Ask The Journalist". Emma's podcast interview will be focusing on her business articles and how she chooses the right profile - and she will also be giving tips and tricks journalists look for when interviewing experts!





Did you know there are many types of peacocks in the world? 
And the reason I am telling you this is: each peacock is unique in their own splendid beauty.

Peacocks don't care if the one with white feathers is more exotic, or if the red-feathered

one is more vibrant. Do you know what their attitude is? 

They show up and show off! They know their beauty, their value and their pride.

I'd like you to understand that it's ok to tell yourself "I'm an expert"  and "I'm freaking good at xxx" and you can also think "I'll be very proud of myself for being interviewed and published in a magazine or newspapers". You've been working for so long in your industry, you love what you do and when you see someone on TV you think "I know more than this guy/woman!" but the difference is that the guy or woman on TV has started doing PR. They're not on tv/radio/newspapers because they are lucky. They planned to be there, and they dedicate the time to provide content. I hope I have convinced you - YOU DESERVE IT.  NOW is the time to join the Peacock Challenge and make yourself more visible, more credible, and more influential.

These are the reasons why you should take the challenge:

White Peacock

No more excuses. No more feeling of "it could've been me" or "I don't want people to think that I 'm bragging or showing off. Leave those thoughts behind. You have the knowledge and expertise, let's turn them into content now!



The Time is NOW!


Learn Your Style

There are many channels available to choose from but you don't share in all of them.

During the challenge, you will learn how to choose the best channels for you and how to develop a content strategy to reach your audience. 

rede peacock.jpg


Red-Necked Peacock

Indian Peacock

Thought Leadership

A thought leadership article is an opportunity for you to leverage your expertise in your industry and demonstrate credibility, to share your insights with an audience, and to provide them with real value. The more your articles are published online, the more opportunities to attract more clients.



"Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online" - Wikipedia.

Develop a content strategy by choosing the right channels to reach your audience and the right type of content that works best for you and your business. 

Opal Peacock


Content Strategy

Brown Peacock

Once you start sharing, you find your voice, refine your message, and reach your audience.
You may enjoy doing videos more than writing or post short messages instead of long ones - the important thing is:

do it !


Be Yourself


First Page of Google


Your Marketing and PR Strategy helps you to focus on the goal. One way to measure the success of your strategy is by doing a search on Google with your name. Have you ever Googled someone after meeting them? Want to test that? Search for "rafael dos santos entrepreneur" on Google. See what PR can do for your profile!


Emerald-green Peacock

Use your Linkedin profile for social selling. Attract, engage and sell to contacts using your media interviews as "secret weapon aka credibility". We've helped many clients achieve increased sales within the first 5 weeks of running a campaign. 




Purple Peacock

Jelena Radonjic, Career Fulfilment Coach. 

Featured five times in the media, including a  video on the home page of "We are the City",  a website specialised in advice for women. Jelena's testimonial about the Linkedin  the campaign combined with PR.

Tineke Rensen, founder of the Powerful Business Academy is a former professional athlete and now a businesswoman helping other business women grow their businesses. Our PR + Linkedin Strategy resulted in £5.5k sales in less than 4 weeks.



The Speaking Mentor

 Chris Murphy

Chris originally trained  as a physiotherapist, working in the NHS and private practise and completing a Master degree in 2000. For 19 years he ran a nationwide training business running courses and conferences for health professionals which became the largest in its sector. He also qualified as a teacher and worked as a university lecturer for 4 years. 
Four years ago he joined Toastmasters International, a public speaking organisation. He quickly took over the running of his local club in Tunbridge Wells and the training programmes. In addition, he entered speech contests and this year won two of the four Toastmasters District 91 UK National Speaking Contest Finals in May 2020. 

Chris works as a speaking mentor and trainer helping individuals and groups become better speakers and deliver better speeches. He regularly presents webinars, talks and courses. See more details at

Yes, I'm ready! Sign me up now!

Darshana Ubl, Founder of Verve Rally

Video about her rally on supercars

featured on the home page of Yahoo!

Resulted in more than 139.000 views. 

Naeem Arif, Customer Experience Expert and Chairman of Retail Hospitality Forum was featured on the cover of High Profile Magazine and 20 other media channels. Naeem has also became a Forbes Business Council Member.

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