GuidedPR connects journalists with business owners and guides the owners on how to create compelling content to share with the media.

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Forbes, BBC, CNBC, Daily Mail, Grazia, The Sun, Financial Times, Capital Radio FM, London Live TV, Virgin TV, Globo Brazil, Director Magazine, Thrive Global, Finance Digest, Finance Derivative, Authority Magazine, Business Leader, High Profile Magazine, Start Your Business, Natwest, Cosmopolitan and hundreds more

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Journalists save up to 3h a day to find the right expert to interview 

We find profiles of business owners and introduce to journalists

We guide business owners on how to create content to share with the media 

The journalist gets the content, the business owners get featured! 

We're here to connect journalists and business owners

Our aim is to make the journalist's life easier by speeding up the process of finding the right expert to provide expert comments, top-tips, thought-leadership articles, comments on current affairs and interviews. By using artificial intelligence we're able to speed up this process to minutes and accurately find the right profile, so the journalist can spend more time writing instead of searching for an expert.

For business owners, we're an automated PR assistant that finds media opportunities and guides them on how to write content that gets used by journalists, so the owners get featured in the media and become more visible, more credible and more influential.

Our members' success is our success!

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Naeem Arif | MD
NA Consulting





We connect journalists and business owners and guide the owners on how to create compelling content to share with the media. 

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